DAFAI Technology Solutions

DAFAI is a comprehensive total-solutions provider of technology in the Security Systems and Information Technology industries.

The company believes in understanding clients’ requirements and needs, and matching them with the latest smart technology. As the company’s slogan “Innovating Your World” suggests, the company aims to provide its clients with advanced technology solutions which not only improve their lives but also establish a secured and an efficient environment around them.

Professional customer service, high quality products and workmanship as well as strong support and maintenance are the key business drivers which distinguish DAFAI Technology Solutions from the rest, and look to fulfilling its ambitions as being one of the top technology companies in Brunei Darussalam.

For total peace of mind, let us innovate your world today.

Our specialisation


Understanding the unique needs and potential threats faced by each of these industries is the key to designing the best solution for utmost system reliability, efficient work production and a secured environment.

DAFAI Technology Solutions works closely with its business partners and international associates to consistently design the best solution in technology, whilst adopting world-class best practices.